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Quantum Technology from the Sun

FLOWER OF SUNLIGHT has created the next generation of quantum technology products, utilizing a specific spectrum of Solar frequencies found to have a wide range of profound and beneficial effects for all body types. Our revolutionary energy oils quickly penetrate the skin, becoming easily absorbed into the blood stream with profound results. Our infused pendants provide a permanent, wearable source of this breakthrough technology.

Our products simply work to harmonize the body’s cellular communication, restoring vital energy and enhancing performance while helping to maintain proper energetic balance. The embedded frequency of our products is beneficial to the energetic processes of the body. It unlocks and enhances the body’s full potential and encourages overall health. Our system is the first of its kind.

Our unique product line assists in the reversing of damage caused by the constant bombardment and exposure to harmful human-made frequencies such as radiation from cellphones, televisions and x-rays, to name a few. Imagine a total body care and wellness system based on science, which works effectively with natural resonant frequencies of vibration in ways never before thought possible.

Lee Arison

Founder / Inventor

Founded Life Source, LLC after developing the
Quantum Infusion Technologies