How the oil works

The oil works a bit differently than the pendants because the oil seeps into your skin and enters your bloodstream. Then a whole lot of other amazing things start happening after that. Let’s start with the blood cells themself.
When observed underneath a microscope the red blood cells start popping apart like popcorn this is because they are more buoyant and free-flowing literally minutes after the infusion oil has been applied to the skin. Next, let’s talk neutrophils.
Neutrophils are the most abundant leukocytes in circulation and have been regarded as the first line of defense in the innate arm of the immune system. Another important role that they play is they help with inflammation and communication between other cells. When the infusion oil has been applied the neutrophils also grow three times larger, you can literally see them doing live transfers of communication to other cells around them. You can see examples of this process in the blood videos on

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