How the Pendants work

The technology we use to infuse the quantum products reacts differently to the pendants, think of the pendant being made of millions of supercapacitors charging and discharging electrical current, setting off millions of teeny tiny EMP bombs every nanosecond. We have these EMP bombs tuned to disrupt a specific range of frequencies or waves. Some frequency waves in the range of 300 MHz to 3 GHz are the ones harmful to human health. These are the specific frequencies that our technology targets with the pendants.

So, think of the pendants as living armor

The pendants are helping protect your body but not only that it’s helping your body protect itself. With all the increasing radio waves, 5G, and micro radiation waves that we are constantly being exposed to scientists are starting to find out that this can break down the RNA within our DNA. That is not a good thing to have to happen, so again wearing the pendant like an armor helps cancel out some of this harmful destruction. but we’re also seeing some other results like the extreme sense of balance or clarity, we have plenty of testimonials that attest to immune-boosting and some amazing results that have been happening.

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Difference between the 200-400 pendants

The only physical difference between the 200 and 400 pendants is the size. The 400 are 45mm in diameter and the 200 are 40mm. But on the quantum level, they are very different, all of the Flower of Sunlight products go through a three-stage infusion process. We basically have three different machines that we have developed with the help of astrophysicists, molecular biologists, doctors, and even some help from the Russian Space Program. Each machine has a set function I’ll explain below.
  • First stage: We put the molecules into a flexed state by utilizing extremely powerful electrical and magnetic currents
  • Second stage: Then expose the molecule to a specifically programmed quantum wave and change the resonant frequencies of the molecules.
  • Third stage: Lastly after a certain amount of time we close the flex Field very carefully, leaving a permanently programmed Quantum product.

The difference between the 200 and 400 pendants is the amount of time they are in the quantum field in the first and second machines. The 400 pendants are 1/3 stronger than the 200 because they spend longer in the flux field resulting in a higher infusion, they also have more molecules to infuse because of the larger mass.