The Flower of Sunlight comes in two forms includes a topical oil quantum Infused with the waveform of the Sun, one an organic essence oil, electrical in nature, and the other is a stone made of Hematine, magnetic in nature. Together they will allow you to proceed deeper into human potential, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Both just need to touch the skin, and in seconds there is an energy transformation within the body. Only the essence oil changes the blood. The stones connect to the approximately 60-foot bio-magnetic field of the human body powered by the heart beat that Stanford through HeartMath discovered.

It is this transformation that happens with the Quantum Infused oil within the body that the Tibetan Buddhists sought after and eventually discovered.  Even in the early stages of Tibetan Buddhism, they knew it had to do with the electro-magnetic balance within the body between the heart and the brain.  After this discovery became real in their bodies, the Tibetans created another physical tool of higher consciousness called a Tibetan Dorje, which image reminded them how to connect in their consciousness/body with the whole living universe.

But before the Tibetan Buddhists could enter that state of consciousness, their bodies had to be purified and aligned with the Universe.  It took them a long time to achieve this state of consciousness, and when it was achieved, the Tibetan Dorje or Vajra (which is a Sanskrit word meaning “thunderbolt and diamond”) was the 3-D form that could be used to explain to another monk exactly how it was achieved.  Further, by holding the Dorje in the monk’s fingers during meditation, they could directly “feel” as feedback, when they were in this advanced state of consciousness.

What the Tibetans realized was their heart and blood had to function at full human potential or it was not possible to reach this state of consciousness. Most human beings are not even close to that state of health.  And, the electrical flow from the heart (the Tiny Space of the heart or the “diamond”) also had to be so strong it would create a huge electrical movement up and down their central breathing tube (a thunderbolt).  This is something that we will have to wait until the right moment to explain.

The Tibetan Dorje is a higher consciousness tool, and the Flower of Sunlight Quantum Infused oil and stone are also higher consciousness tools.  Once the higher state of consciousness is reached, the tools are no longer necessary.

Our Quantum Infused essence oils temporally speed up the time needed to enter this state.  The Tibetans found it took about 20 to 40 years for their bodies to be balanced and clear enough to begin the higher meditation.  Our Quantum Infused essence oil will put you there, whether or not you are aware of the change, in a few seconds.

Quantum Technology from the Sun

FLOWER OF SUNLIGHT has created the next generation of quantum technology products, utilizing a specific spectrum of Solar frequencies found to have a wide range of profound and beneficial effects for all body types. Our revolutionary energy oils quickly penetrate the skin, becoming easily absorbed into the blood stream with profound results. Our infused pendants provide a permanent, wearable source of this breakthrough technology.

Our products simply work to harmonize the body’s cellular communication, restoring vital energy and enhancing performance while helping to maintain proper energetic balance. The embedded frequency of our products is beneficial to the energetic processes of the body. It unlocks and enhances the body’s full potential and encourages overall health. Our system is the first of its kind.

Our unique product line assists in the reversing of damage caused by the constant bombardment and exposure to harmful human-made frequencies such as radiation from cellphones, televisions and x-rays, to name a few. Imagine a total body care and wellness system based on science, which works effectively with natural resonant frequencies of vibration in ways never before thought possible.

Flower of Sunlight products help to:

  • Increase overall energy levels
  • Increase the efficiency of body energy output
  • Overcome fatigue and boost alertness
  • Improve & optimize inter-cellular communication
  • Speed up recovery processes in the body
  • Balance & harmonize the body's bio-electrical processes
  • Balance & harmonize the body's biomagnetic field
  • Enhance Meditation



​We would like to explain a confusion over the words “Quantum Infusion. The public understands “Quantum Infusion” in two ways, and we would like to be clear so you can understand. The first way pertains to Quantum Physics as a theory/science, and how Quantum Physics began to experiment using electricity through copper coils, then finally through Tesla coils and later combined with certain crystals and more. Waveform didn’t enter the picture until the early 1990’s. I have witnessed this kind of use for over 20 years. Some of the results have been quite spectacular, especially in cleaning air pollution with the waveform of a rain cloud just as it is emitting a lightning bolt.

The second way “Quantum Infusion” is also understood having to do with spiritually. There are many people who believe that certain physical substances can be Quantum Infused using only the powers of the human spirit, such as prayer, meditation, chanting or sound, etc. Yes, this may work, but it is not a science yet and cannot be trusted. This is not how the Flower of Sunlight achieves Quantum Infusion. We use real science.

We use literally a room full of scientific equipment, using Quantum Physics and Tesla Technology, and we are using the digital waveform of the Sun as our focus to infuse with. The waveform is put into high voltage and electrically imbedded into our products. This is not an easy or simple thing to achieve, and has never been done at this level on Earth in human history. If someone did, they kept it secret.

How this oil works to change the blood in a matter of seconds (see Home Page – Testimonials), no scientist or physician knows the answer of how it works, but it does. Nor has any scientist understood how the chakra system instantly becomes aligned, or how the organs in the body reduce the stress between themselves, but it is true, (see About Page, then Technology). We believe it is advanced communication between the cells. It is not a medicine to cure a disease, but it is something that energizes the human blood and body. It is the waveform of our Sun, the very source of all life on Earth.

Highest Quality

At Flower of Sunlight, the quality of our materials is priority. When creating a product that operates on a resonating frequency, it is very important that we start with the best possible essential oils and vibrations. Therefore, we take great care in ensuring that our materials come from verified, clear, and high-vibration sources. Our energy oils use only the purest organic essential oils, 100 % natural and “fair trade” ingredients.

Ingredients: Organic Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Sandalwood Essential Oil, Organic Rose Essential Oil, Organic Frankincense Essential Oil, Organic Myrrh Essential Oil
Flower of Sunlight Proprietary Quantum Infusion.​

Our pendants are made from the highest quality Hematine and are the perfect carriers for our unique Quantum infusion. The Quantum Infused Sunlight Energy Oils are packaged in Swiss MIRON Violet Glass with a convenient roller tip. This high quality packaging, both technologically advanced and eye-catching, is the finest container available.

The statements on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.