How Lee Arison Vaintrub Rediscovered & Redefined Quantum Infusion

In 2005, Lee Arison Vaintrub, the owner of a high-end jewelry store in Sedona, Arizona, was introduced to Zero Point pendants infused with various frequencies and asked to design a frame around it. During the initial meeting, the client did a simple kinesiology test on Lee with amazing results. Being an athlete all his life, Lee has never felt this kind of instant shift of energy and strength. This remarkable experience with Zero Point products profoundly changed his direction in life. Through his personal exploration of these products and discovering the various effects on the human body, he realized the importance of quantum technology. From that realization he began pursuing the dream of creating an ultimate energy infusion for natural crystals, minerals and essential oils by designing and building his own Quantum Generator.

After years of successful experiments and creating a first series of quantum infused products, Lee sent one of his infused stones to his father in-law in Russia, Dr. Alexander Suvorov, who works with the Russian Space Program. Suvorov is currently a leading researcher for the development of the “Mars 500″ Project, an international group of astronauts training for a mission to Mars. As a scientist in the Russian space program, Alexander has access to some of the best testing equipment in the world. Lee asked Alexander to perform field tests to find a way to determine any difference between infused and non-infused stones. Dr. Suvorov tested numerous colleagues and astronauts with overwhelming results. After two years of parallel testing and field research, he finally found a technological approach which could clearly indicate distinct differences between blank placebo stones and LifeSource (now Flower of Sunlight) quantum infused stones.

​Dr. Suvorov reported that the LifeSource quantum infused stones have distinguishable electromagnetic polarities but he could not explain why a human body reacts to the infused stones this way. He said that there must be more tests and studies done to understand this phenomenon of how the technology works and why people are having such profound results with it.

Today, LifeSource is now called Flower of Sunlight, LLC and is continually creating new and more advanced quantum technologies that benefit energy structures of the human body as well as developing new tests that can explain this remarkable technology and amazing benefits. Flower of Sunlight products are now being tested by the global medical community to understand how and why the human body reacts so powerfully to the waveform of our Sun.

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